Course Notes

This page exists so I can more easily access my collection of notes from some of the courses I have taken or audited. Feel free to take a look but be warned, for the most part they are not pretty or organized well. Most of them are scans of my original handwritten notes since most of the time I learn better taking notes for courses by hand as opposed to typing them out on a computer.

For some of the notes, I have TeXed them up as a way to both review the material and make it more legible and organized. I may at some point decide to TeX more of them up, but when I do not know.

I also have a more complete description of all my relevent coursework which includes courses not listed below.

  • MATH174 - Abstract Algebra II: Representation Theory (scan)
    Taught by Dagan Karp, Spring 2019
  • MATH157 - Intermediate Probability (scan)
    Taught by Arthur Benjamin, Spring 2019
  • MATH173 - Advanced Linear Algebra (scan)
    Taught by Weiqing Gu, Fall 2018
  • MATH132 - Real Analysis II (scan)
    Taught by Francis Su, Fall 2018
  • MATH189R - Big Data Analytics (scan)
    Taught by Weiqing Gu, Summer 2018
  • MATH172 - Abstract Algebra II: Galois Theory (scan)
    Taught by Francis Su, Spring 2018
  • MATH171 - Abstract Algebra I (TeX)
    Taught by Dagan Karp, Spring 2017
  • MATH131 - Real Analysis I (TeX)
    Taught by Michael Orrison, Spring 2017

If you notice any errors or typos in the TeX, please let me know so I can fix them.